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Its the holiday seaon, and my GPU done got busted by DOTS
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Welcome to the home of A.C.E.S.

Armored Combat Escalation Service, better known by our acronym A.C.E.S. is a mercenary company which focuses mainly on the game MechWarrior Online.

A.C.E.S mercenary company is built around a community focusing on having fun while playing competitive MechWarrior and we are always looking for players who share the same mindset of having fun, being friendly, playing as a team, and able to complete objectives given to them in a competitive and also non-competitive setting.

A.C.E.S was founded in 2011 with the announcement of MechWarrior: Online. A.C.E.S. is currently operated by Adam0, IronWarsmith, Tyfus, Mechakaiju, Pancakeman, Cattra Kell, LtRics, Finring, ThunderHart & Jackknife.  This does not make us a new group though, and many of our Leaders have been playing together in various video games for a long time.  Do not let this discourage you; we are very open to everyone interested in joining the A.C.E.S deck of cards.

We at A.C.E.S. strive to be both a Casual and Competitive Group.  That may seem like a contradiction to most and to some extent it is, but we have a place for both the serious and casual gamer within our ranks and there is always someone to Drop with in our channels.  We do not carry or enforce any type of military rank structure here, but we do have Officers that have either proven their dedication to the Corp through initiative and effort or have been with us since Inception. These individuals are expected to be shown respect and consideration when advice is given. Most, if not all, have been playing MWO since closed Beta or come from other highly ranked competitive online games so give them deference when and where necessary.

See You on the Battlefield MechWarrior,
-Adam0 A.C.E.S. Human Resource Management & Official Sulfur Mine Slave

19 December, 2014, 04:26:49 PM by Tyrchon | Views: 21 | Comments: 0


New Avalon Free Press Agency

Marik Border Fight Continues

- Dorian A. Winfield

Planet: Asuncion
Date: December 18, 3049

The Armored Combat Escalation Services (A.C.E.S.), in coordination with numerous other allied Mercenary Units under contract with House Davion, were engaged in some of the toughest fighting seen in this latest border flare-up between the Free Worlds League and the Davion half of the Federated Commonwealth. Numerous Mech Units from both sides engaged each other repeatedly in fierce and drastic combat in the effort to maintain control of the planet Asuncion. The carcasses of shattered and burned-out Mechs now litter the battlefield, but at the end of the planetary cycle the Sword & Sunburst of House Davion still waved proudly in the breeze while the Eagle of Marik laid smoldering in the dirt.

While spokespeople for the Free Worlds League Military and its Office of Mercenary Liaison have vowed to retake Asuncion, and all other worlds that they have lost in this latest border skirmish, the office of Field Marshall Grissom Miller, the Head of Mercenary Liasons for House Davion, has released the following statement:

"We have heard such posturing from House Marik numerous times in the past. House Davion and the Federated Commonwealth are not afraid of empty rhetoric spewed from the mouths of those who would ally themselves with such barbarians as the like of Romano Liao and the Capellan Confederation. The forces of the Federated Commonwealth will not only continue to hold the line, but also continue to press the enemy until our opponents realize their folly and call off the ill-planned offensive that they have dared to launch against the peaceful people of the Federated Commonwealth."

When questioned about the likelihood of continued victory on the Marik Front, leaders from  A.C.E.S., Aces Wild, and Robinson Rangers Brigade refused to comment.  However, the reporters embedded with these units noted that morale seems to be quite high amongst these daring mercenaries who have fought tooth & nail for Asuncion.  With fresh reinforcements on their way, coupled with the battlefield salvage taken from the Marik forces, we will undoubtedly see many of the Davion Units that landed on Asuncion back in the field soon.  To help safeguard the planet it has already become known that the Armored Combat Escalation Service has been granted a preliminary contract to garrison Asuncion, allowing their fellow mercenaries to use it as a staging point for further action against House Marik.

Back on New Avalon, when topics switched from the current border skirmishes with the Free Worlds League and Capellan Confederation to the new threat along the Lyran Periphery Border from the previously unknown invaders now known as the Clans, Marshall Miller's office had the following to say in response:

"Right now we are focused upon the foolish actions of House Marik and House Liao. If the press wants to know about the Periphery Border then they should be asking our counterparts in the Lyran High Command on Tharkad."

Rumors of the prowess of these invaders from beyond the Periphery continue to grow as more worlds on the Periphery Border go silent.  Already worlds like Apollo, Somerset, and Trell I have gone dark with no word as to their fate.  While numerous Davion forces are tangled up in this latest conflagration with House Marik, one can not help but wonder if the militaries of the Inner Sphere are missing what could be a larger threat.

19 December, 2014, 04:44:01 AM by Shimmering Sword | Views: 29 | Comments: 1

I know I'm a bit late to the party but for those who missed it, today ACES was the primary contributor to holding Asuncion. In the face of one of the most well organized, populated, and powerful factions, while defending a planet they wanted back more than any other, ACES held.

Good job to everyone who joined in on the defense. I hope this is the first of many planets to bear the ACES name.
18 December, 2014, 01:25:41 AM by Tyrchon | Views: 19 | Comments: 0

To: A.C.E.S. Members
From:  A.C.E.S. Command

Greetings members of the Armored Combat Escalation Services, more easily known
as A.C.E.S.  I am Tyrchon one of the new Unit Leaders of A.C.E.S.  Some of you
already know me and some of you don't.  That doesn't matter and is not the
purpose of this message.  The purpose of this message is the announcement of a
grand event, something we have all been waiting for since the early days of
Closed Beta.

Community Warfare has launched!

Yes, you heard me right.  Community Warfare is a reality.

A.C.E.S. has stayed true to its mercenary creed and is currently signed on a
14-day contract with House Davion.  We have helped to defend worlds from the
predations of Marik, Liao, & Kurita while the threat of the Clans has reared its
head and their predations on the Periphery border of Steiner, Rasalhague, &
Kurita have begun.

For many of us, we worried that this day would never come, but to our immense
satisfaction it is here at last.  MWO is a completely different game now, vastly
different from what it was back in the rugged days of Closed Beta.  New Maps,
New Game Modes, &  New Mechs have been added to the game.  Clan Mechs, ranging
from the imposingly familiar Timber Wolf to the lowly Mist Lynx, have all been
added and have been seen regularly prowling the battlefields.  The Mechs of the
Inner Sphere have not been stagnant, however.  Many of the "Unseen" have been
added such as the Shadowhawk, the Griffin, the Battlemaster, & the Thunderbolt. 
Mechs like the 35-ton Firestarter have been proving their metal while the
100-ton King Crab has just begun stomping on the battlefield showing just why it
bears the title of "King."  The fun doesn't stop there.  A new "Quirks" system
has been implemented for IS Mechs that breathes new life into old chassis. 

Think your Hunchback-4G with its massive AC/20 hunch wasn't cutting it before? 
Well now with the new Quirks to that particular variant the hunch has extra
armor and that AC/20 can fire faster, farther, and with less heat than before,
giving you an advantage for bringing one of the biggest guns on the field.  And
that is just the beginning of what the new Quirks can do as each and every IS
Mech has its own unique set of Quirks that can distinguish it and improve its
role on the field.

With new gaming features and the implementation of Community Warfare the Inner
Sphere is in flames as war rages between the Great Houses and the Clans take
advantage of the turmoil to sweep in from the Periphery.  That is why this Call
to Arms is going out.  A.C.E.S is being called upon to stem the tide of these
bloody conflicts.  To do so, we need YOU!  Yes, YOU!

Even if you've been away for awhile now this is the perfect time to come on back
and rejoin the fight.  Can't make it back right away?  Check in with us on the
A.C.E.S. site or our channel on the NGNG TS server to see for yourself how the
game has grown and meet some of the newest members of the Unit.  Not sure about
the direction the game has taken?  Checkout and the Town Hall
podcast that PGI President Russ Bullock will be conducting to answer questions
from the MWO community and reveal new features that are soon to be coming.

Well, my time is up as I can hear the siren's call of the battlefield and the
need to stomp some Mechs into the dirt rising within me.  I, along with all of
the other Unit Leaders, hope to see you on the battlefield soon. 

So grab your gear.  Find your chair.  And get set for a Combat Drop.

The A.C.E.S. Team.
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